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  • March 14, 2017


Klippel GmbH is a German company with more than 20 years experience in the field of novel control and measurement systems for loudspeakers. Established Prof. Wolfgang Klippel in 1997, Kippel research has contributed to the development of large-signal models for loudspeakers and digital compensation of the nonlinear distortion that have been recognized by the Audio Engineering Society.

Klippel R&D System

The Klippel R&D System comprises the hardware and software built to analyzer loudspeakers and other audio products performance. The system comprises of a distortion analyzer, the project management software dB-Lab and can enhanced with multiple modules for specific measurements to your Research and Development needs.
The system offers every-day acoustical tests, distortion measurements, small and large signal parameter measurement (including T/S parameters), accelerated life and power testing, simulation and auralization modules while enhancements include cone and spider testing (SPM) and speaker material measurement (MPM) and many more. In a nutshell, it reduces research and development time from its comprehensive, easy to compare and interpret data which allows designers and manufactures to make better prototypes faster.

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Klippel QC System

The Klippel QC System is a cost effective modular Quality Control solution for all kinds of audio devices. It has been deployed transducers (tweeter, woofer, micro-speaker), passive systems (headphones, speaker box) and active audio systems (smart phone, tablet, speaker systems) and is used widely to improve quality control of audio devices.
The Klippel QC System provides a simplified user interface to the R&D system for end-of-line manufacturing quality control. The system is capable of detecting defective units reliably even if the symptoms are not audible in a noisy production environment. All these while providing valuable diagnostic information for detecting the root cause of the problem and information for not only Quality Control but also future R&D development. The ultimate goal is increase the manufacturing yield rate and provide valuable feedback on production quality to reduce cost and increase product quality.
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