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  • March 14, 2017
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Lucas-Nülle from Germany specialized in the development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art training systems and education equipment for advanced technical, engineering and vocational education. Developed and fined tuned from years of German tradition in demanding vocational training and engineering schooling, Lucas-Nülle products are proven in evoking the student’s curiosity and enthusiasm and combining knowledge and practice to develop of practical applications skills from their studies.

Keeping up with the ever changing engineering landscape, solutions range from traditional electrical engineering and building management systems to clean energy and communication technology. All education solutions cover a range of basic theoretical material, project-oriented experiments and didactic training regardless of field in engineering.

Electrical Engineering Trainers

Electrical Engineering Trainers

Electrical engineering comprises of many fields and Lucas-Nülle training solutions cover a wide range of them. They encompass many fields dealing with electric powering from the tradition power generation, transformers and transmission to newer fields such as renewable energy and smart grids. Their subjects also include:

  • Basics of electrical power engineering
  • Electric Power Distribution
  • Electric drive controllers
  • Electricity Grids
  • Energy Management
  • Electrical Machines/Power Electronics
  • Electropneumatics

Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy Trainer Systems

With the world getting greener and moving from coal, oil and nuclear power to more renewable forms of energy, Lucas-Nülle keeps engineer training up to date with sustainable energy trainers for the 21st century. These new training systems cover technology from solar energy, wind power, hydrogen fuel and biomass and other environmentally friendly energy sources. This includes

  • Wind Power Plants
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar Energy
  • Advance Fuel Cell Technology

Building Management Systems

Building Management Trainer Systems

For Civil Engineering, Sustainable Urban Design and Building Management users, Lucas-Nülle provides a range of building related trainers in the field of wiring, lighting and other building related systems. Covering a wide range of BCA required systems, trainers include:

  • Building Wiring, lighting and intercoms
  • Building Alarms and Safety Control
  • Building Management systems
  • Industrial Wiring
  • ESM protection
  • Wiring planning and troubleshooting

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technology

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trainer Technology

Providing “hands on” training for refrigeration and air condition systems is difficult from both practical yield aspect and safety. Lucas-Nülle however has committed and developed a concept to integrate effective training systems that are easily serviceable. Built on Lucas-Nülle accumulated knowledge on practical training and the latest technology in cooling systems; trainers empowers course participants to boost their skills and confidence in their work. They come in the form of:

  • Refrigeration Labs
  • Refrigeration Workshops
  • Electrolabs

Lab Systems

SybaLab system

With the growing need of efficiency and decreasing classroom space, Lucas-Nülle proposes SybaLab as a logical supplement to accommodate the changing needs. Designed to complement the Lucas-Nülle products, SybaLab system guarantees you innovative, user-oriented solution. It is modular and uses space efficiently and effectively with an accomplished design and aesthetics, good ergonomics and German quality.

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