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  • March 14, 2017

Microflown is the world’s first and only MEMS technology based sensor that can measure the acoustic particle velocity. By measuring the temperature difference in the cross section of two extremely thin platinum wires placed in parallel, this extremely fast mass flow sensor is capable of monitoring the movement of air particles in both the (scalar) value sound pressure and the (vector) value acoustic particle velocity.

The Microflown sensor has been used in the field of sound and vibration testing for:

  • Sound source localisation
  • Airborne transfer path analysis and panel contribution analysis
  • In situ determination of materials acoustic properties
  • Non contact vibration measurements / modal analysis
  • Micropore leak-testing

Microflown’s sensors and technology is used in wide range of industries including the aerospace, automotive, appliances, manufacturing industries and defense sectors.




Voyager is a portable multi-channel sound analyzer that merges multiple functional units into one device. Data acquisition, signal conditioning and storage are combined into a powerful tablet unit suitable for sound and vibration data recording, NVH testing, acoustic troubleshooting and noise control.

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Scan & Paint

Microflowns Scan & Paint is designed to rapidly visualize a stationary object sound fields in a broad frequency range to localize the various sound sources. The system operates with one PU probe scanning the surface with a camera positioned on the surface to film the scanning. As the probe moves, each measurement point audio data is calculated while the camera records the position of the probe. The Audio and Video inputs are then synchonized rapidly by the system to create high resolution map color map of sound intensity of the area for acoustic analysis of the object.

The system records the sound pressure, sound intensity, sound power, particle velocity and the acoustic impedance which can filter and localize different positions. At each point, the system can produce a localized audio playback, spectrum, spectrogram, sound power calculation and many more to understand the vibration and acoustic disturbance. This makes the system a superb engineering tool for troubleshooting or benchmarking any stationary object to reduce distortion and eliminate unnecessary noise.

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Scan & Listen

Human ears only hear sound pressure and cannot hear particle velocity to detect subtle acoustic leakages. With Scan & Listen, the user can hear the sound of particle velocity and its vector value to detect acoustic leakages quickly and accurately.

Designed with the same principles of Scan & Print, Scan & Listen is designed to be a practical and portable system to detect sound sources in practical environments. Consisting of the module, microflown sensor and headphone, Scan & Listen is light, simple and handheld for listening to noise sources even with background noise and reflections. Even in conditions with non-stationary sources like squeak & rattle noise, Scan & Listen can accurately locate acoustic leakages and providing a simple yet fast solution in localizing sound sources.

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Acoustic noise pollution can be reduced by absorbing sound energy. Absorbing material packages are used in many applications to attenuate sound. Knowing exactly the acoustic properties of your materials and the effectiveness of the applied material packages is a requirement to successfully reduce noise levels. The In-situ absortion setup is a solution to achieve just that.

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USP Regular



The USP regular, is a state of the art sensor that provides the complete sound field information including the direction of the propagation vectors in three dimensional space at a given point. Comprising three Microflown on orthogonal basis and a sound pressure microphone, the USP is capable of measuring the three dimensional components of the acoustic vector quantity, acoustic particle velocity and the scalar sound pressure. Accelerating innovation and design by providing valuable insight in to the sound source location and sound propagation, the USP is an ideal transducer solution for your measurement needs.

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PU Voyager



The PU Voyager probe comprises a sound pressure microphone and particle velocity sensor, physically at the same point in a compact anodized aluminum body. The sensors are mechanically protected with a robust housing which includes an embedded metal mesh.This probe is designed to help you evaluate and troubleshoot all kind of noise problems while coping with the most demanding measuring conditions.

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VELO - Microflown Software Platform


Velo is the Microflown software platform that combines the functionalities of nearly all Microflown systems into one integrated solution. Velo is fully configurable, therefore you can easily upgrade your Velo package with extra software applications or add-on modules.

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