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  • March 14, 2017

The m+p HFDST-3000-E extends the boundaries in dynamic testing of automotive elastomer mounts. Measuring the dynamic stiffness of automotive elastomer components in frequency ranges up to 3,000 Hz becomes more and more important when designing the acoustic characteristics of modern cars, especially if equipped with an electric motor.

A wide range of different engine mounts, chassis mounts, suspension bushes, vibration absorbers, etc. can be characterized with m+p international‘s high-frequency test rig. The test rig is designed to test the stiffness of the specimen in the range of 250 N/mm to 50,000 N/mm for frequencies from 50 Hz to 3,000 Hz.


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VibPilot is a portable and compact vibration controller & dynamic signal analyzer. Easily connected to a host PC or laptop via USB 2.0, it provides a complete multi-purpose solution using M+P SO analyzer for vibration control and othe M+P dynamic signal analysis applications.

VibPilot comes in 4 or 8 digital or analog input channels is expandable and is operated by either an AC power supply or by a 9 – 36 V DC supply. The system is fan-less for a noise-free operation to facilitate noise measurements requiring a quiet environment It is built with a dust-proof housing for outdoor use.

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VibRunner is a scalable measurement hardware platform for noise and vibration engineering and general data acquisition. It can operate as standalone desktop instrument or on rack-mounted system with 8 input/output digital/analog channels to 256+ channels as synchronized data acquisition system. The system runs on ethernet interface for a 1 Gbit/s transfer rate to ensure synchronized transfer of data even when scaled into a large system.

VibRunner runs on 24 bit and has a 102.4 kHz (VRAI810) or 204.8 kHz (VRAI820) maximum sampling rate max. It has TEDS and ICP® support is ideal for projects such as engine test cells, building structural test, sensitive satellite pre-flight testing and other testes where high data throughput is important or demands a flexibility in test system configuration.

SO Analyzer

SO Analyzer is m+p International proprietary software for dynamic signal measurement, analysis and advanced reporting of noise and vibration, acoustics and general dynamic signal applications. The system is compatible with the m+p VibPilot, VibRunner and other m+p hardware and is able to transmitted across systems system networks for sharing of data across departments.

The system requires minimal training and easy to use with a wide range of applications to satisfy all your NVH needs. SO Analyzer can also import 3rd party files for analysis and integration of all data for reporting and is compatibility with a wide range of sensors and signals ensuring it is future-proof.

SO Analyzer add-ons

VibControl is a leading vibration and shock testing controller. Designed for the VibPilot and VibRunner, it can command from 4 to hundreds of input channels and is used by many of the leading environmental test laboratories throughout the world. The system is compatible with many renowned shaker manufacturers and supports complete vibration test systems and can combine climatic and vibration test rigs.

Vibration and shock testing modes include random, sine, classical shock, mixed mode testing, time domain replication, data reduction sine/random/shock SRS and other less known test modes. The system has multi-tasking capabilities allowing multiple tasks to run in parallel from the same terminal while handling extensive data handling and producing single and multiple data graphing, peak search, mathematical function, transfer function analysis, displaying and printing traces from different sources in a single window.

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m+p Coda is a turnkey solution platform for continuous data acquisition, signal analysis and process monitoring. The system provides automation and parameters for various types of test eliminating costly application programming and long trial and errors. The extensive built-in features and tools are controlled by an intuitive graphical user interface  with powerful data management tools such as raw, data groups to store data acquired in a central SQL database.

m+p Coda applications include

  • Measurements and data analysis on test stands and test assemblies.
  • Performance and functional tests of turbo-compressors, gas and steam turbines, jet engines, gearboxes, generators.
  • Experimental structural testing, multi-axis strain and stress analyses.
  • Process monitoring in power plants, refineries, at production lines.
  • Static and dynamic structural tests, e.g. on aircraft and rail vehicles

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