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  • March 14, 2017


MSR core competency is the development of standardized and customized mini data loggers that record measurements of all types including temperature, humidity, pressure, light and vibrations over time. Data loggers record at set intervals using in-built sensors or via external sensors on a wide range of available measurement parameters. With their small size and large recording memory, MSR Electronics GmbH data loggers are an efficient solution for a multitude of different measuring and monitoring requirements in education, industry and science.

MSR175 : Shock Transportation Data Logger

Protect your goods!

Whether it be to verify questions of liability, detect damage early or to optimise packaging: The MSR175 data logger accurately records critical transport events and provides clarity with objective measured data.

Transportation monitoring, documentation of damage during transit

During transport, cargo is subjected to a multitude of external impacts that may cause it to sustain damage. In particular shock events and jolts, but also fluctuations in temperature, pressure or humidity can have a negative impact on cargo. In retrospect, proof of causation and damage is usually extremely difficult because the necessary facts are missing.

The dilemma can be solved with the help of MSR175 data loggers, which accompany a cargo during transport and record a damage event with all its boundary conditions, accurate to the second, for later documentation.

Learn more about MSR 175 here

MSR 145 thumb size data logger

Thumb-size and swiss made, the MSR 145 data logger records over 2 million measured values and is expandable with a microSD card for even more measurements. Built for customer needs, MSR 145 comes in IP60 and IP67 standard and can support as temperature, humidity, air pressure, fluid pressure, 3-axis acceleration and light. MSR 145 comes in 2 and 4 analogue inputs in various currents and voltages making it ideal for long-term measurements. Each unit can measures simultaneously different inputs and data before being rapidly transferred to a computer for data analysis using the MSR user-friendly analysis software.

Customize a MSR 145

MSR 145 WD wireless data logger

The ease of wireless monitoring and rapid reading is offered by MSR 145 WD wireless data logger. Slightly larger than MSR flagship MSR 145, the MRS 145 WD goes one step further delivering the same abundant sensors and measurements with a Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0 Smart) and a brilliant OLED colour display for a compact representation of data and graphic charts. This allows for wireless transmission up 10m and users to receive information from machine rotations or difficult to access location. The MSR 145 WD is compatible with smartphones, tablets(using an app) and computers for easy monitoring and communicate with each other to ensure data quality.

Customize a MSR 145WD

MSR 165 mini data logger

For transportation monitoring, fault diagnoses and load tests, MSR 165 is the best seller as it is designed for shock and vibration. The robust IP67 MSR165 data logger high-performance 3-axis accelerometer (13-bit resolution)  is capable of making up to 1600 acceleration (shock, vibrations) measurements per second in all three axes. Shock monitoring wise, it measures up to ±15g or up to ±200g while still measuring temperature, humidity, air pressure and light.

MSR 165 can customized with additional 4 analogue inputs to connect to 3rd party sensors and is expandable to record more than 2 million reading with using an additional micro SD card.

Customize a MSR 165

MSR 255

Built with a four row LCD display, the MSR255 offers user-friendliness together with a compact size and accurate measurement. Each unit comes with 5 onboard sensors for temperature, relative humidity, pressure (with integrated temperature), 3-axis acceleration and light and has an option for 4 external analogue cables for additional sensors in various voltages and currents. The LCD screen allows for on the spot reading of over 2 million measurements and MSR 255 comes in IP60 (dustproof) and IP67 (dust & waterproof) for user needs.

Customize a MSR 225

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