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  • August 22, 2017

How often have you test-proved your Near Field Communications (NFC) Devices in laboratory conditions, only to receive complaints of failed transactions from your customers on site?

Take public transport system for example, commuters had to tap multiple times to pass through the gantry, and each time it happens, the line gets longer and longer, the faces of the people behind getting grumpier and grumpier. This is bad for you, bad for the customers, bad for the company – and for the payment provider – bad for everyone.

So what is causing your NFC Devices to fail? Ralph Kamp, Product Manager for NFC test solutions at COMPRION explains, “Very often, the reason for failure lies in the interference or distortion of electrical signals.” These issues can be easily identified by good field tracers.

New COMPRION TraceCase helps to solve communication failures in contactless payments


Payment providers especially have a strong interest in eliminating contactless communication problems. Therefore, COMPRION, with 20 over years of experience in the mobile industry, has developed a new field tracer called TraceCase to tackle the issue.

The new TraceCase – a small, mobile trace tool that can be easily controlled by smartphone – traces the interaction between two NFC devices such as POS terminals and NFC-enabled smartphone or contactless card.

Now, payment providers can equip a whole team of field testers with the cost-effective field tracer. “As setup and handling of the device are very easy, only a short training is required”, explains Kamp.

The field tracer is also very inconspicuous. This is so that contactless transactions can be monitored during daily business – without unsettling vendors or customers. “However, the tracer doesn’t collect user-sensitive banking data”, promises Kamp.

The collected data is sent from the smartphone to the lab for troubleshooting. Using the powerful TraceCase Viewer software, the engineer can analyze and resolve communication problems. As TraceCase is the only tracer of its kind worldwide that collects analog signals, errors on all levels can be easily found.

TraceCase is immediately available. Contact TME Systems today to make TraceCase your solution.

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