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  • March 14, 2017


Norsonic is a manufacturer of advanced sound analyzers for more than 40 years, Design and built to be portal and cost effective, their typical applications include environmental noise monitoring, building acoustics, and industrial hygiene.

Norsonic devices are cost effective and can record and analyze a wide spectrum of sound in short amount of time. They consist of Sound level meters, acoustic camera, multi-channel system, microphones/amplifier, calibrators, and outdoor microphones.

Sound Level Meters

Built simple yet powerful, Norsonic Sound meters give users a reliable low cost SLM. Norsonic sound level meters are approved by several national homologation laboratories, such as PTB, Germany and  the range covers from simple dB(A) measurement to advanced sound analysis.

Sound level meters Nor131 and Nor132 are Norsonics flagship sound measure devices. The Nor131 is a Class 1 (precision) instrument while the Nor132 is designed in accordance with the Class 2 requirements. Both meters are designed to measure and detect for noise hazards in the workplace and prescription of hearing protection. They are also suitable for product noise testing, general sound level measurement, reverberation measurement and speech intelligibility.

Note – Detachable preamplifier which is only available on the Nor131 version.

Nor103 Main Picture


Being both light weighted and ultra-compact makes this instrument very portable as it will fit in your pocket. Yet, it ensures you the same reliability and precision as other class 1 sound level meters on the market.

It features and easy interface with only 3 function keys, and a clean graphical screen displaying large fonts and a big graphical dB speedometer. The instrument will operate for up to 9 hours on just two AAA alkaline batteries. Delivered with a protective silicone cover and fitted with a tripod mounting thread.

  • Noise Hazards in Workplace
  • Environmental Noise Survey Testing
  • Product Noise Testing
  • General Purpose Noise Level Meter

The Nor135 SoundBox is similar to the Nor131 sound level meter in hardware and software and is designed to be used as a frontend for the Norconcert software. This program is designed for reporting the sound level in discotheques, concerts and at outdoor events.The NorConcertControl system confirms to the EU regulative 2003/10/EC – Noise at work, DIN 15905-5 and the Swiss SLV 2007. The Nor135 has built in IEPE power for microphone and preamplifier and supports both type 1 and type 2 pre-polarised microphones. The SoundBox  can be used as a general frontend controlled via its USB.

The Nor135 also comes as the Nor1522 that consist Nor135, the NorConcert control program, a tiny PC and a bright colour screen all in a hard case. Designed as an integrated portable system, the Nor1522 is an all in one complete measurement system for monitoring and reporting the noise level in concerts, discotheques and outdoor events.

The Nor137 Vehicle Noise Meter is specially designed for in-the-field stationary vehicle noise test measurements. Nor137 is compliant with ISO 5130 and similar national standards and can measure rpm input using an external rpm detector unit. The unit also can support external microphones, has a USB interface and internal memory.

Environmental Noise Meter Nor139″>Nor139 Environmental Noise Meter is a Class 1 sound level meter designed for advanced noise assessments and noise logging. It is specifically for environmental noise assessments and can perform event triggered sound recording and markers, noise source identification, remote noise monitoring and HVAC noise environment. All the data is stored in a SD-card for easy export to a PC.
The Nor139 optionally be fitted with 1/1- and 1/3-octave filters with multispectra down to 100ms time resolution.

Nor140 “MULTI-TOOL” is a precision hand held sound analyser designed for the most complex requirements. The system has multiple features such as speech intelligibility (STIPA) ,Vibration measurement and Industrial hygiene while having the basic features of Noise source identification with markers and sound recording and noise Nuisance Recorder. All the requirements for environmental noise testing, Building acoustic and quality control packed into the smallest real time analyzer
Norsonic latest firmware for Nor140 version v3.0 features NC, NR and RC calculation, support for English, French and German menus and a new “User-defined” table to display only measurement functions for individual user.

Nor150 is the most user-friendliness handheld sound analyzer to date. Featuring the large 4.3 inch touchscreen, the Nor150 feels a smartphone while being a powerful sound analyzer. Add-features include a built in web server, camera, GPS and advanced voice and text notes that laboratory instrumentation out in the field.

The Nor150 is a dual channel in design for environmental noise assessments, sound insulation and sound intensity measurements among many other measurement tasks. It is also designed to be expanded and upgradeable for more advance features in the future.

Click here to download the Nor150 brochure

The Nor850 measurement system is the state-of-the-art acoustical analyser from Norsonic.

Using the experiences and accumulated knowhow from the previous generations of analysers such as Nor811, Nor823, Nor830 and Nor840, Norsonic is offering a unique multi-channel system.

Click here to download the Nor850 Measurement System brochure

Nor1251 Precision Sound Calibrator

The use of sound calibrators dates back to the days when it was easier to design a stable sound calibrator than a stable Sound Level Meter. Today, sound measuring instruments, in general, are as stable as the sound calibrators. However, measuring microphones are very delicate devices designed to fulfil very rigid specifications. This makes them vulnerable and subject to damage unless care is taken. One may therefore say that a calibrator is just as much a verification of proper operation as it is a device for re-adjustment of sensitivity of sound measuring instruments.

Click here for details on our Sound Calibrators

Building Acoustics

Centered around Nor1028 NorBuild, Norsonic suite of equipment can work together in testing building acoustics such as echo, acoustic refraction, sound penetration ect. Data from a Nor850 multichannel system or any Norsonic sound level meter is imported in to the Nor1028 software for automatic calculation of the rating parameters (DnTw, Rw, LnT,w, etc.). Additional dodechaedron loudspeakers (Nor276) and tapping machines (Nor277) can be used for increased realism such as room acoustics when a person is walking across or near the room.

All measurements are ISO 16283, ISO 717, EN 20717, BS 5821, ASTM, SIA 181 and other international standard compliant.

Acoustic Camera

The Nor848A is a light weight, easy to use acoustic camera. Equipped with 128 microphones on a 0.4 meter surface, the system produces an accurate noise analysis eliminating of “ghost-spots”, while remaining small and light weight. The array only weights 2.5 kg and qualifies as one of the best self contained, close area acoustic cameras.
The Nor848A comes with virtual microphone software to narrow down to specific sound sources. All inputs are easily read and recorded by a PC or Mac through a LAN cable to the array. The system can be upgraded with RPM monitoring capabilities for rotating machines and comes in larger variants with more microphones for even higher accurate low frequency analysis.

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Environmental Noise Monitoring

“Even in the most beautiful music, there are some silences, which are there so we can witness the importance of silence. Silence is more important than ever, as life today is full of noise. We speak a lot about environmental pollution but not enough about noise pollution.” Andrea Bocelli

Norsonic offers a wide range of solutions for Environmental Noise Monitoring. From stand-alone Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMT) with local or remote access. To large scaled hosted systems with several NMTs, fully automated which deliver daily reports with noise data and meteorological data to the customer.

When our customers contacts us about Environmental Monitoring we first define their needs and requirements. Then we suggest a solution based on this. When the customer is satisfied with our proposal, we implement the solution.

Throughout the world on every continent, we have delivered solutions for Environmental Noise monitoring. We have systems at harbours, construction sites, traffic noise monitoring, wind energy plants, racetracks, production plants, shooting ranges and airports. Some systems are ran by the customer itself.

However, more and more customers choose to let Norsonic host their systems. Then they can focus on their main task and key knowledge; analysing the data from the Noise Monitoring Terminals,while we take care of the “boring stuff” like communication, configuration, backup, report generators.

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For more information on how Norsonic products can be used for noise measurement and analysis, contact TME Systems today.