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  • March 14, 2017

Hydraulics/Pneumatics Training Systems

PHYWE Gmbh has over 100 years of developing the best possible teaching and training systems for the knowledge-based society of tomorrow. Their didactic products help students develop curiosity and competency in Science, Engineering and Technology and are constantly updated to the latest educational developments. Products, experiments and teaching material are developed with the advice of Nobel winning scientist and are categories by age and level for leading education institutes.

To suit Singapore, TME Systems have taken these world class experiments and classified them to the Singaporean educational needs. This includes Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education levels for N-level, O-level and A-level learning and experiments. Phywe products are also suitable for ITE, Polytechnic and University level education and covers the field of Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Applied Sciences (Medicine/engineering).

TESS – Compact Solution for Student Experiments

Training and Experimental Systems for Students or TESS is Phywe’s solution in arousing students curiosity in are physics, chemistry, biology and applied science regardless of age or level. Designed based on various experiments for an array of education levels, each TESS kits are multifunctional, safe, easy to operate and most importantly compact and easy to transport and store.

TESS kits use the didactic approach where students to experiment with the TESS kits first before the teacher explains the underline theories and how the experiment happens.

Didactic Experiment kits

With the evolution of educational needs, Phywe provides didactic experiment for STEM Education. Combining and demonstrating various fields of physics, chemistry, biology and life sciences, these experiments help student prepare for the changing landscapes and help develop skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Such as Doppler effect as shown on the right which combines physics, math and engineering elements all in one experiment.

These didactic experiments allows students see and take charge in understanding the various areas of science hands-on. Allowing them to explore science through experiments and even creating a flare for science and technology.

Mobile Demo Lab

To complement Phywe education tools, Phywe has created Mobile Demo lab, an all in demonstration kit. This is a complete mobile system designed for teaching sciences and suitable for demonstrating experiments. Everything advocated in modern teaching methods are incorporated into this teaching system and organized for quick and easy set-up. Such as a vertical board allows writing with a pen and interactive projector (included) with a set-up of experiments with magnetic holders.

This makes it ideal for all teaching environments and gives teachers flexibility and adaptability to teach for all levels.

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