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  • March 13, 2017

Pragma Industries from France is a world leader in Breed Fuel Cell technology and its equipment. From single cell testing to stack integration, Pragma Industries has the right equipment for anyones technical requirements.

Their fuel cell expertise range from mechanical engineering, electronics, automation and control, to software design and electrochemistry. Lead by a team highly-skilled team of interdisciplinary engineers, scientists and technical staff, Pragma fuel cell technology is world renown and used in many universities and research centers.

Fuel Cell Education Packages

Package suitable for both low and high level of engineering training on fuel cells and fuel cell systems with hands-on experimentation. Packages included ClearPak fuel cell delivers high current densities with a realistic thermal response where the water management inside the cell is clearly visible. Each pack allows for the control of fuel cell performances through the complete balance-of-plant system. This allows for temperature-dependent and time-dependent testing as well as comparing the efficiency of various system configurations.

Packages are suitable for building a simple fuel cell and a fuel cell circuit, understanding the fuel cell system and how it is controlled, plotting characteristic curves at various operating conditions etc.


HyTRAX is a 4WD fuel cell powered racing car build into the famous 4×4 Traxxas Stampede high frame chassis. The radio controlled model takes full advantage from a hybrid power generator and safe for the user as the whole fuel cell system is enclosed in a double-shell body, ensuring protection against shocks, vibrations and external pollutants (sand, dust…)

The HyTRAX is delivered with a PC software for data analysis that products a quick and easy understanding of data logged during car runs such as power consumption, energy delivered by the fuel cell and battery, power distribution related to accelerations and speeds. This allows users to understand the energy displace and contemplate the use of fuel cell for transportation and other commercial uses.

Fuel Cell Testing

Pragma industries provides the best solution for PEM fuel cell stacks testing for single cells up to 5kW stacks. All models are designed with open hardware and software architecture that match the most stringent user demands. Each chassis integrates all the functionalities required to achieve efficient and accurate results in stack testing: gas management, load management, stack configuration, data acquisition.

Almost all models are integrated with state-of-the-art realtime Programmable Logical Controllers(PLC) with Labview based software. Some models are designed for automated PEM fuel cell testing and all models connect directly to a PC through RS485 and USB links for quick installation and ease-of-use.

Additional accessories can be added to extend the capabilities of each station and tailor it to your technical needs. All models come with advance safety features such as N2 purge, hardware external signal input for shut off and front panel mounted EMO (emergency shutoff).

Hydrogen Storage

Pragma Industries hydrogen storage vessels are based on AB5 metal hydride alloys. Hydrogen is stored at low pressure in the vessel, providing a safe and reliable energy storage particularly for portable applications, in-house and in-board storage.Typical uses of the tanks include fuel cell power, gas chromatography and lab experiments/chemical reactions. Each tank varies in recharging time and have a long cycle life.

Individual vessels can be combined in arrays to reach specific H2 volumes and discharge rates. Custom-built hydrogen storage can be built upon request.

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