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  • March 14, 2017

SkyRadar is a cost effective radar training systems designed for the needs of air traffic operators, military users and universities. Designed modular with multiple upgrades for user needs, Skyradar is simple yet powerful and can scan multiple objects (aircraft, ships and more) simulating similar real life scenarios.

For information dissemination, Skyradar uses a web based system to feed information to multiple computers concurrently in different filter or scope-settings (A-scope, B-scope, PPI). This is possible as SkyRadar’s software reads and interprets Q- and I- raw data and has multiple modes such as CW, Pulse, FMCW, FSK, MTI/MTD and SAR and many more.

SkyRadar Base Unit

The heart of the SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System is the base unit. It is built with two 24 GHZ horn antennae and operates as a pulse noise radar with CW, Doppler and pulse functions.

The base unit can operate both indoors and outdoors as it has electro-magnetic emission that is as fraction of that of a mobile phone; making it harmless even in close range. This provides students, trainees and trainers a safe environment for various tests from validating a radar equation to complex experiments and scenarios.

SkyRadar Security Module

The most sophisticate and advance SkyRadar add-on is the security module which is a hardware based target generator that can generates disturbances and creates ghost targets. This module can simulating many possible security scenarios and is recommended for homeland security (Airspace security) and military oriented radar training. The system is capable of Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Electronics Counter Counter Measure functionalities (ECCM) and simulating various exercises to train personal reaction from different attack strategies through jamming and ghost targets.

SkyRadar Add-ons

Carefully calibrated and optimized, the stainless steel parabolic reflector is built to increase the range of the base module while calculating the impact of reflection. The reflector is placed on a variable mounting bracket with an adjustable slope angle and it is easy to attach and adjust. The parabolic reflector allows for experimental verification of the radar equations, calculating and testing impact of focus and reflection on radar beam, and other realist experiments.

To simulate a rotating radar, SkyRadar provides a rotary tripod Equipped with a slip ring for electrical transmission and powered by a DC Motor, it is reliable and energy efficient. With the rotary tripod, the radar module can to 360° PPI rotation endlessly, swivel modes or target tracking. The unit also includes a built in compass that magnetic bearings will be reflected in the SkyRadar software.

Chain-driven remote controlled mobile device that can travel on almost every terrain can be added into the SkyRadar suite as a target system. Designed for both indoor and outdoor uses, the devices are able to move freely in the laboratory or field without any of the limitations unlike of a target table or a rail system. This add-on is recommended for tracking and monitoring users.

For Air-traffic-control or homeland-security-oriented users, Quadcopters to simulate flying objects for radar training is recommended. Designed for the outside experiments, SkyRadar remote quadcopter model make a perfect flying objects for the radar tracking or monitoring while training the radar operator skills.

Designed for marine and navy oriented users, the vessels add on allows for realist naval experiments similar real life conditions. The vessels are approximate size of L x W x H approx.1100 x 250 x 500 mm and are easily integrated as part of SkyRadar’s modular Radar Training System.

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