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  • October 6, 2017

SoundPLAN generates cutting edge engineering solutions software to the global market. SoundPLAN noise modeling software has maintained the status of the market leader for more than 25 years. SoundPLAN provides solutions for:

  • Development of the PC software SoundPLAN + SoundPLAN essential
  • Custom software development
  • Noise investigations
  • Noise planning for new road/rail infrastructure
  • Noise mapping and action plans in accordance to the EU environmental noise regulations
  • Air quality assessment and recommendations
  • Environmental assessment studies
SoundPLAN Noise Modeling

SoundPLAN 8.0

SoundPLAN 8.0 is a software that has outdoor and indoor noise modeling development capabilities. Some of its uses include noise mapping of speed and road surface for a road or the height and absorption coefficient of a noise barrier.

It has impressive graphic capabilities. Many different map types and display options can be freely combined for stunning graphics. It also has triangulated “City Noise Map” with the possibility of 1 calculation and output for single frequencies or frequency bands.

On top of that, SoundPLAN 8.0 has superior calculations with high speed and high accuracy that calculate with projection to the Digital Ground Model.

It has functions like situations and Geo-Files to ensure that there are no redundant data with clear organization of variants. Tiling automatically manages huge simulation projects including the size of a country (the whole of Germany is managed as a single project)

Other functions include:

  • Modular by design – you only buy the modules you need, extend your portfolio when a new job requires it
  • Not everything from data entry to the last plot in the same screen, but organized so every step is optimally supported with what you need when you need it
  • Calculates in the background – edit your data while the last set of data is still calculating
  • Organization of calculations as a spreadsheet with editing and execute dates and a full account of all parameters and the file name under which the results are saved
  • Update service via the web – click and see if there is a new revision that may already have the tool you just found out you needed
  • Multiple instances of the libraries (System, Global and Project)
  • A complete integration of aircraft noise, indoor factory noise, environmental noise and air pollution make this software completely unique
  • Multi Document application – multiple input files, multiple calculation results, multiple documentation tables and spreadsheets and multiple sheets with varying, multiple content
  • Compare results from multiple calculations in tabular form or view the calculations in depth with Documentation and Spreadsheet
  • True Wall Optimization for single receivers and Façade Noise Maps with the results saved as a Geo-File so that it can be incorporated into the next calculation
  • The software fulfills over 50 different national and international standards and is still adding new standards
  • Just released in SoundPLAN 8.0; Sound Particle Diffraction! (read more about it SoundPLAN Sound Particle Diffraction theory SoundPLAN 8.0)

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