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  • March 15, 2017


Unigraf is a leading company in the field of video, image, and Display capturing and testing. Being the first company to integrate the pattern generators in automated video testing systems of analog and digital displays and Unigraf now is leader in analog and digital display testing systems for displays and their cables. With their expertise in frame grabbers (static and moving images) for capturing high resolution RGB and DVI signal for testing, Unigraf hardware and software is used in many demanding industries including radar image capturing for Voyage Data Recorder(“Black Box” for ships).

Display Port Testing

Display Port or DP connectors were first produced in 2008 and are gradually becoming the global standard for Digital audio/video connectors. Since its inception, Unigraf has been in the forerunning in assisting DP development and testing. Unigraf offers a suite of DP testing capabilities including frame grabbers, pattern generator, display quality analysis, link quality analysis etc. Users can monitor all aspects using the DP interface such as Link Training and HDCP status and automated validation tests and quality analysis reliability tests.


First USB-C and DP Alt Mode Tester

UCD-340 is the first integrated analyzer and test equipment for DisplayPort™ over USB Type-C sinks and sources. UCD-340 features a flexible and robust way of analyzing video, audio and power delivery functions of USB‑C. The provided software enables user access to the vital parameters and controls needed when evaluating the various functions of the interface.

For R&D and Test Automation

UCD-340 software supports both hands-on debugging on a laboratory desktop and for automated functionality tests either in R&D or for Production.
UCD Console GUI is a preview and test application for desktop use. Each interface function has a well structured dialog for superior at-a-glance viewability. Unigraf TSI is a test software API that provides the system integrator a fast and reliable way for ensuring the functionality of the tested equipment. The included Test Sets provide a compact and robust way of ensuring the functionality of the interface.

External Power Test Unit

UCD-340 External USB-C Power Test Unit

UCD-340 External USB-C Power Test Unit enables testing the full range of USB‑C Vbus voltages from 5 V to 20 V. Current sink and current source capabilities of the DUT can be tested all the way up to 20 V / 5 A.

For R&D and Test Automation

UCD-340 Power Delivery Options (PDO) can be set and monitored either from UCD Console GUI or the high level SW API called TSI. This provides you flexible options for verifying DUT capabilities and performance either on R&D desktop or through automated test routines for regression testing or production line functional testing.


  • Accessory to Unigraf UCD-340 USB‑C DP Alt Mode Tester
  • Enables testing of USB-C VBUS voltages from 9 V to 20 V
  • Current sink and source up to 20 V / 5 A
  • Controlled either from GUI or SW API

Video Electronics Testing

Tools for Designer Desktops and Production Line Functional Testing

Unigraf’s Test & Measurement equipment range provides you efficient tools for testing your display electronics. Unigraf’s test equipment HW and SW support the following display interfaces: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, RGB, V-by-One, LVDS, mini-LVDS etc.

Frame Grabbers

The core technology of Unigraf is its frame grabbers. Coming in both internal PCI and externally connected variants, they can be used for digital video recorders, stage lighting, visualizing and archiving medical equipment and even demanding applications such as capturing radar or simulator screens. Unigraft frame grabbers automatically detect the video modes from NTSC and PAL to Full HD 1080p60 and as high as 2560×1600 and are able to capture seamlessly with no compromise in quality.

Unigraf user interface is easy to use and frame grabbers come in various sizes and capabilities to support almost all types of analog and digital signal (DVI, HDMI, SDI etc.). Unigraf has a DNV certification of quality that is in accordance to ISO 9001:2008.

Video Pattern Generators

Unigraf pattern generators VTG-5225 come in 2 variants, one for display port test and the other for LVDS and other output formats. Both models are designed to create ISO compliant outputs that are used for manufacturing and engineering testing, servicing and quality control.

VTG-5335 DP

The VTG-5335 DP for display port allows engineer to define the video timing and the used pattern in full detail allowing full access to the control and monitor of the link process. This allows the users not just to conduct quality test but manufacturing R&D and testing of signal generation.

VTG-5225 Quad LVDS

VTG-5225 Quad LVDS on the other hand supports analog VGA, HDTV and Dual-link DVI with the optional 4-channel LVDS output. It supports pixel rates 300 Mpix/s for the analog VGA and HDMI and 330 Mpix/s for the Dual-DVI while for LVDS, single, dual and quad pixel mode up to 400 Mpix/s rate and the full 10 bits per color depth.

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