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  • March 15, 2017

Universal Switching

Universal Switching Corporation(USC) is an internationally recognized leader in the signal routing industry that manufactures leading-edge switching and distribution equipment. With a core competency in the signal arena, USC is focused on switching and distribution needs within a variety of industries and the direction of future requirements. USC products are used in the most sensitive of areas requiring high reliability such as aerospace and defense, surveillance stations, satellite communications, as well as “everyday” production testing and evaluation applications.

Switching Systems

As the name implies, Switching is USC core competency, and key product. Since the first six-level 8×8 product in 1992, USC have continued to push the boundaries of automated signal switching, distribution and automation addressing many switching and distribution requirements.

USC features a broad product line of switching systems, switching modules (including VXI and VME), and distribution units span a frequency range from DC to 40GHz. Signal types include AC/DC power switching, audio, ATE instrumentation, composite video, SD & HD, HF, RF and IF signals, high resolution RGB+HV video, high speed ‘422, LVDS, PECL or ECL digital data, cellular telephone, L-Band, C-Band plus other >3GHz signals to 40GHz.

Redundancy Switching

Critical applications require a secondary set of equipment (redundant) namely a redundancy switch of 2×1 (1×2) arrangement. USC automated redundancy switching is specifically designed to connect to both the primary and secondary equipment, and if there is a failure in the “primary” equipment, the backup is switched in. Some of the higher level redundancy switch units listed below automatically switch with an alarm input (10942B through 10948B), while others get remote control commands for the backup switchover.

Distribution Systems

USC distribution systems offers a fresh alternative for signal distribution (or combining), digital signal translation, as well as small format switching. Numerous digital and analog modules are available for a cost effective and compact solution.

USC models module construction allows it to receive any combination of LS16 application modules at the rear of the unit. Both digital and analog signals (such as TTL, PCM, ECL, PECL, VLDS, RF, IF, L-Band, and microwave to 18GHz) are addressed by its distribution and switching capability.

RouteWarePRO 4

USC RouteWarePRO is a self-contained GUI software package designed specifically to control and monitor USC’s products. Designed for ease of use, most users are up and running in minutes. The user can control one “switch box” or many by simply selecting the “box” to be controlled from a menu. GUI colors, channel labeling and configuration uploads are all user definable.

The latest version, RouteWarePRO 4 is a cost effective and flexible solution to providing a customizable means of automating your USC system right out of the box. Version 4.0 contains many important new features and improvements that have been driven by both client feature requests and planned USC hardware/software improvements and innovations.

The software is also available with USB type of hardware “license key”.

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