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  • March 13, 2017

Utility Systems Technologies, Inc. (UST) is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of electronic voltage control and power-conditioning products. UST’s products are in use worldwide at hospitals, factories, refineries, embassies, data centers and other critical facilities, mitigating the risk of damaging electrical surges, sags and swells, bridging brownouts, and providing a safe connection to the local grid.

SagFighter™ – High-Performance Voltage Management & Conditioning

The UST SagFighterNXT™ and SagFighter™ is the UPS replacement in cases where voltage sags, not power failures, are the primary concern. The SagFighter line of products is a single phase solid state electronic voltage sag corrector and voltage conditioner. SEMI-F47 compliant, they operate without batteries or energy storage to ride through deep voltage sags common to both urban and remote industrial areas throughout the world.

The single-phase solid state device delivers smooth and continuous voltage, correcting both overvoltage and sags to +/-1% within 1/2 cycle. System designers, facility managers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are welcome to contact us for specially customised solutions.

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EcoVolt™ – Voltage Optimizer and Automatic Voltage Regulator

EcoVolt™ is the first voltage optimization and voltage regulation solution built on proven AVR technology. With EcoVolt, business owners, facility engineers and sustainability managers responsible for individual factories, retail centers, hotels and other enterprises can optimize and regulate voltage right at the point of demand.

The EcoVolt is designed to monitor incoming voltage, correct three-phase unbalance, optimize voltage to match the demand of the load and protect against electrical events. Regardless of location, load or line condition, size of enterprise, EcoVolt can match the power need and provide a complete protection from damaging sags, swells and other electrical events.

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SureVolt™ – Automatic Voltage Regulator


The UST SureVolt™ automatic voltage regulator provides continuous power conditioning and the broadest range of protection available. SureVolt provides high overload capacity for loads with large inrush-current requirements. Providing consistent voltage regulation and fast correction without regular maintenance or moving parts.

Combining the best qualities of typical mechanical and electronic voltage regulators. SureVolt™ guards against voltage fluctuations that can wreak havoc with your electrical load (equipment). Mechanical voltage regulators are valued for their high overload capacity and good voltage regulation, but these qualities are offset by their slow correction speed and the need for regular maintenance of moving parts. Similarly, electronic voltage regulators are known for their fast correction speed, but suffer from poor overload capacity.

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MiniEVR™ – Current Balancer and Custom Voltage Regulation Products

For smaller users, UST offers the MiniEVR™, an economical, small single-phase arrangement automatic voltage regulator that provides the same power-conditioning capabilities as our SureVolt. MiniEVR continuously monitors output voltage and quickly switches transformer taps when voltage falls outside regulation range and is compatible with all load types and factors.

Current Balancing means protecting equipment from harmful overheating and vibration caused by unequal incoming phase-to-phase voltage. UTS solutions automatically provides continuous balanced current to keep equipment such as pumps operating within OEM recommended specifications.

In addition, UST can design and build custom solutions to meet even the most demanding voltage regulation and power conditioning requirements.

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