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  • March 13, 2017


VT MÄK, also known as MÄK Technologies, develops software for realistic distributed simulation. Leveraging on Commercial off-the-shelf software products, MÄK works with customers to build and populate compelling 3D simulated environments.
This capabilities make VT MÄK modeling and simulation products a cost effective solution for training, planning, analyzing, experimenting, prototyping, and demonstrating in various scenarios, such as in the aerospace, defence, and transportation industries and also in command and control, homeland security, and even in space.


VR Forces Simulaton

VR-Forces is a complete simulation solution with a powerful and flexible Computer Generated Forces (CGF) platform to fill your synthetic environments with urban, battlefield, maritime and airspace activity. It generates urban, battlefield, and airspace scenarios that are realist from it B-HAVE, Brains for Human Activities in Virtual Environment module that enhanced artificial intelligence to the VR-Forces simulation environment. This gives forces a person specific mind of their own making the simulation as realistic as possible to an actual scenario.
For training of commander, VR-Forces Battle Command provides a low overhead yet realistic Command Staff Trainer allowing combat commanders to practice their planning and execution skills within a compelling and realistic environment.

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VR Link Simulation

To ensure interoperability with other systems, VT Mak provides VR-Link a powerful software toolkits help you connect your simulations with MÄK’s flexible interoperability tools. The toolkit allows you to network together simulators and/with other virtual applications and brings HLA and DIS to the Unity game engine. This helps save development dollars from rewriting C++ codes and an easy-to-use systems for capturing and replaying simulation data.

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The VR Vantage suit provides beautiful “game like” visual scene stimulation form multiple perspectives with informative visual content from every vantage point. It does from realistic scenes for out-the-window to sensor views for physical simulation systems man-in-the-loop training devices. 3D informational views in the virtual world in 2D, 3D and exaggerated reality modes and tactical map displays for planning and situational awareness. It includes configurable desktop Image Generator(IG) and 2D solution for interacting with the virtual battlefield.

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VR-Engage is MAK’s multi-role virtual simulator. VR-Engage lets you play the role of a first-person human character; a vehicle driver, gunner or commander; or the pilot of an airplane or helicopter. VR-Engage can be deployed as a trainee simulator, as a role player station, an instructor aid, a desktop simulation game, even as a VR headset experience. Built on mature proven technologies, VR-Engage gets its simulation engine from VR-Forces, and its game-quality 3D graphics from VR-Vantage.

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