What is an acceleration data logger

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  • October 9, 2020

Switzerland’s oldest and largest cardboard and wood packaging manufacturer is using MSR 165 and 175 acceleration data loggers to discover damage to goods and to improve shipping processes.

Every day, Wegmüller AG, packaging and shipping services, handles the packaging and export of hundreds of goods over land, sea and air freight. As one of the longest-established packaging and shipping companies in Switzerland, Wegmüller AG has built its reputation on using cutting edge technology to ensure that goods arrive at their destinations on time and in one piece.

Wegmüller AG uses the MSR 165 and 175 acceleration data loggers to collect data on any impacts and vibrations during transport. This is coupled with other information such as temperature fluctuations, air humidity, air pressure and light to come to conclusions about the stresses that goods experience due to physical impacts and the factors that cause these shocks and movements. With the MSR data loggers, Wegmüller AG can pinpoint all the causes of damage to improve their packaging and resolve discrepancies in shipments.

“We have now tested the new datalogger exhaustively in drop tests and for monitoring long haul shipments, and we’re very pleased. The amazing thing is that despite being ‘Swiss made’ the MSR165 costs only around a third of the price of conventional shipment monitoring systems”, says Marc Wegmüller, Managing Director of Wegmüller AG.

What are acceleration data loggers?

An acceleration data logger is an automated recording and measuring instrument that autonomously tracks shocks or vibrations in the form of objective raw data over a given time period. This data can then be recorded, extracted, viewed and analysed.

Acceleration data loggers consist of acceleration sensors, a processor, a data storage unit, and a power supply. When the sensor is impacted by shock and vibration, the sensors measure the acceleration the sensor experiences. The processor then computes the acceleration and time data to be saved for retrieval on the logger or using a computer port.
Acceleration data loggers have applications in a wide variety of businesses – from freight forwarding companies to equipment manufacturers. Due to the small size and durability of dataloggers, companies can affix them to virtually all kinds of packaging industrial equipment to come to a wide range of conclusions from risk assessment to monitoring the performance and structural integrity of the equipment.

Smart decisions with reliable and actionable information

Data loggers such as the MSR 165 and 175 can detect up to 1,600 shock measurements per second and the measurement of other information such as air pressure, humidity sensor and temperature measurements. However, this information is not very useful if businesses are unable to analyse this data meaningfully. Raw information from MSR data loggers can easily be translated into valuable insights as key data is automatically saved for follow-up review and is presented in the form of a transportation log. The measured data can even be simply visualised using charts and tables for further analysis.

In the case of Wegmüller AG, the quick and accurate diagnosis of transportation events meant that they were able to pinpoint the causes of damages immediately. The company has, thus, been able to rectify any issues right away. At the same time, data can be quickly presented in a relevant format so that customers and external parties like insurance companies can easily understand key transport events. This means that claims can be easily investigated, and costs incurred can be communicated and passed on to relevant parties in a transparent manner.

The MSR 165 and 175 data loggers are offered by TME Systems in South-East Asian markets. TME Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company in the field of premier high-tech solutions and services. Please contact TME System’s sales consultants for more information on data monitoring systems offered in your market.

“The data loggers offered by TME Systems are an excellent choice for any company looking to improve their transportation processes and systems,” Mr Jeff Leong, Sales Engineer at TME Systems, said. “We would easily recommend MSR 165 and 175 data loggers to all companies that want to obtain better data for better manufacturing and transportation decisions.”

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