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  • November 4, 2019


The era of software-defined everything is pushing the pace of innovation and transforming market segments ranging from Aerospace to Industrial, Defense to Medical, and Networking to Automotive.

A global leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, Wind River helps to accelerate digital transformation of critical infrastructure by delivering the technology and expertise that enable the deployment of safe, secure, and reliable IoT systems.

Wind River offers a comprehensive, edge-to-cloud software portfolio designed to address the challenges and opportunities critical infrastructure companies face when evolving and modernizing their systems as they work to realize the full potential of IoT.

Covered Market Segments:
1) Aerospace & Defense
2) Automotive
3) Industrial
4) Medical
5) Telecommunications

Real Time Operating Systems for Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Wind River products include the industry’s most popular real-time operating system and the leading open source embedded environment. They bring unmatched performance and dependability to highly dynamic and intelligent devices, systems, and networks.

What Is VxWorks? | Wind River


VxWorks® is the industry’s leading commercial embedded operating system, offering a feature-rich development environment with the uncompromising performance required for mission-critical and safety-mandated applications.

Wind River Linux - Linux You Can Trust

Wind River Linux

Wind River Linux is the leading commercial open source software platform for building embedded devices of all kinds. It helps developers speed build cycles by more than 30 percent, while reducing production and maintenance costs by as much as 60 percent.

Wind River Virtualization, Industry 4.0, and the Smart Factory

Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform

Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform qualifies to master the challenges of building smart, connected devices with embedded virtualization. Solutions support multiple architectures, including Intel®, Power, ARM®, and MIPS, and are backed by outstanding professional services and customer support, hardware integration expertise, and a thriving partner ecosystem.

Achieve the Promise of DevOps with Wind River Simics

Wind River SIMICS

Simics simulates systems—from the smallest to the most complex—so you can adopt new development techniques that are simply not possible with physical hardware. By moving from physical hardware to a virtual lab, embedded software teams can revolutionize crucial aspects of their processes, enabling them to deliver better software faster.

Wind River helps customers get the most advanced open source distributed edge cloud platform available, while also delivering the support they need for commercial deployment, along with pre-validated solutions from best-of-breed providers.

On-Premise Cloud Infrastructure for Data Centers Network gateways

Wind River Titanium Cloud

Wind River Titanium Cloud is based on StarlingX, a fully featured open source cloud for the distributed edge. StarlingX is a secure, container-based infrastructure platform designed for low-latency, high-availability, small-footprint edge use cases.

Titanium Control: On-Premise Cloud Infrastructure for Industrial Automation

Wind River Titanium Control

Wind River Titanium Control is an on-premise cloud infrastructure platform that delivers the uptime and performance needed for industrial applications and control services at any scale. When operational processes must not fail, Titanium Control ensures that your services run when, where, and how they need to, always.

The Connected Car of the Future - Wind River

Wind River Chassis

Wind River® Chassis brings together software, technologies, tools, and services to unify and simplify how auto manufacturers build the next generation of intelligent, connected, and autonomous vehicles.

Wind River Drive

Wind River® Drive is a certifiable AUTOSAR Adaptive software platform designed to help customers develop and deploy their ISO 26262 ASIL D–certifiable safety-critical automotive applications.

Wind River Edge Sync

Wind River® Edge Sync is an intelligent over-the-air (OTA) update and software lifecycle management solution enabling auto manufacturers to remotely maintain the integrity of embedded systems, apply feature and performance enhancements, and collect and report critical data across the lifecycle of the vehicle.

Wind River Workbench and Wind River Diab Compiler are best-in-class tools for building embedded software devices, systems, or networks. Tools were built from 30 years of industry leadership and technical innovation. They can help streamline design, production, and maintenance tasks while helping boost quality.

Wind River Professional Services

Wind River Professional Services empowers customers to unlock the full potential of Wind River solutions, dramatically reducing the risk and time associated with integrating new technologies.

Wind River Education Services

Wind River offer flexible training to improve team productivity and help you work more effectively with our portfolio of software and tools for building the Internet of Things (IoT).

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