SMS-RC, Rotating Machinery Vibration Analyzer

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SMS-RC, Rotating Machinery Vibration Analyzer

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Predictive Maintenance/ Rotor Care Solution 

This Omni functional vibration analyzer is capable of 80% of machine fault detection, including bearing damage, imbalance, shock pulse, and root cause analysis. Featuring full touch panel operation frees the hassle of complex function keys. Built-in the most comprehensive criteria for different machine types, from small to large, including motor, compressor, pump, turbine and gearbox, simplifies the settings in less than 3 steps. High-resolution display and powerful algorithm enable no dead angle in equipment status.


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Product Features

  • Detect 80% rotating mechanical faults on site, with no need for additional post-analysis SW.
  • Auto bearing damage detection is compliant with ISO 20816, 10816, and 2372 norms.
  • Auto imbalance detection is compliant with ISO 1940 norm.
  • Innovative shock pulse identification outperforms conventional C.F. (Crest Factor)
  • TWF display
  • FFT with 10k lines resolution
  • Machines and measurement points library designed for novice users
  • Library of spectrum characteristic patterns for root cause analysis
  • Full touch panel smooths user experience
  • Analytics result in graphics and sharp color indications.
  • Integrated with the most comprehensive ISO provisions to free complex machine settings.
  • Up to 128 GB storage

Product Applications

  • All-sector Rotating Machinery inspection
  • Acceptance review for returning motors
  • Precision maintenance
  • Machine availability improvement
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Nondestructive testing


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