Sound Measurement and Analysis – Product Updates

Sound Measurement and Analysis – Product Updates


New acoustic sensors for automotive NVH testing

GRAS has the strongest and most comprehensive range of microphones for all automotive NVH applications with the latest launch of the 3 microphones

1. 147AX CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone for Engine Noise Testing

2. 147EB CCP X-Rugged Microphone for Wheelhouse Brake Noise Testing

3. 146AE CCP Free-field microphone for Versatile NVH Testing


USB adapter for BHS II with recording and playback equalization

With minimal effort, you can now use a headset BHS II comfortably with any PC, Notebook, or Android device. On tablets or smartphones with the Android operating system you simply install the B2U app from the Google Play Store and afterwards start recording instantly.

SQuadriga III

Mobile Measurement System for Sound and Vibration Analysis

SQuadriga III is a mobile measurement system with a wide range of applications. The compact dimensions, powerful battery, and large variety of connection options offer versatile functionality, high mobility, and variable applications.

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