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A Condenser Measurement Microphone is a specialised type of microphone that is designed to capture sound with precision and accuracy. It is an essential tool in the field of acoustics, as it allows for the measurement and analysis of sound waves and their behaviour in different environments. 


Condenser Measurement Microphones widely utilized across industries such as automotive for NVH testing, healthcare for audiology, universities and educational institutions for research and education, consumer audio and electronics for R&D and production line testing, environmental noise monitoring, and in the aerospace and defence sectors. 


GRAS Condenser Measurement Microphones are the top choise for professionals and researchers globally. They offer Free-field, Pressure, and Random-incidence condenser measurement microphones, covering various frequencies and applications.


With this guide, you can find help to select the right condenser measurement microphone for your applications. Get introduced to selecting externally polarised or prepolarised condenser measurement microphones, free-field condenser measurement microphones, pressure or random incidence condenser measurement microphones as well as learning about the dynamic and frequency range of a condenser measurement microphone. 

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