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Noise mapping software is a specialized tool to create visual representations of noise levels in a given environment. These maps are often used by acoustic engineers, urban planners, and environmental consultants to assess the impact of noise on a particular area and to identify areas where noise reduction measures may be needed.


The noise mapping software typically uses data from measurement microphones, which are placed at various locations throughout the studied area, to create detailed maps showing the distribution and intensity of noise. These maps can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of existing noise-reduction strategies, and to plan and design new strategies to reduce noise pollution.


Noise mapping can be split into three main categories: outdoor, indoor, and automotive. Outdoor noise mapping identifies sources outside of the home such as traffic, aircraft noise, construction work, and industrial operations. Indoor noise mapping evaluates the noise levels in the house, including those from air-conditioning units, water tanks and plumbing systems. Automotive noise mapping identifies noise sources inside vehicles, including car noise, engine noise, and wind noise. These three types of noise mapping should be completed at least once a year to identify areas for noise reduction, preventing temporary or permanent hearing loss and other harmful health effects.