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Compact Analysis– Sound and vibration analysis made easy

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Compact Analysis is the module for beginners exploring the world of sound and vibration analysis with ArtemiS SUITE. The tool is aimed at newcomers to the field as well as occasional users. It is particularly well suited to troubleshooting and checking statutory level limits. It centers on highly simplified operation. With default presets for 12 analyses, Compact Analysis makes it easy to analyze sound and vibration data.


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Product Overview

As part of the modular ArtemiS SUITE software platform, the module uses the same powerful calculation and visualization tools while focusing on the essential basic functions. These include:

  • Analyses
  • Playback
  • Import and export
  • Documentation
  • Creation of tolerance curves

The module provides beginners with a wide range of analytical functions, such as:

  • FFT (vs. time / averaged / vs. RPM)
  • Level (vs. time / vs. RPM)
  • Loudness and sharpness (vs. time / vs. RPM)
  • Order and one-third octave spectra

Compact Analysis can be used to load and analyze sound recordings made with the SQuadriga III and SQobold handheld systems. The APR 100 Compact Analysis module can be used with all data acquisition systems supported by HEAD acoustics, such as HEADlab. Compact Analysis allows aurally accurate playback via our labP2 and labO2-V1 equalizer devices and via the handheld systems. Tightly integrated in the ArtemiS SUITE software platform, Compact Analysis can act as a gateway to the world of ArtemiS SUITE by adding additional modules.

Product Features


  • Software for beginners: Can be used without any specialist knowledge
  • Analyze files in a single click
  • Clear graphical user interface
  • Large buttons for ease of use in mobile scenarios


  • FFT vs. time / averaged / vs. RPM
  • Level vs. time / vs. RPM
  • Loudness vs. time / vs. RPM
  • One-third octave spectrum (FFT)
  • Order spectrum vs. RPM
  • Order level vs. RPM
  • Sharpness vs. time / vs. RPM


  • Editing mark boundaries
  • Attaching information to curves
  • Taking readings for X- and Y-coordinates as well as harmonics
  • Determining single-number ratings for any section of a graph
  • Axis linking for meaningful comparisons of results

Other tools

  • Overlaying and checking tolerance curves (including anomalies)
  • Displaying single-number ratings in a single-number rating table at the touch of a button
  • A-weighting of analysis findings for airborne sound channels


  • Playing back the selected recording file using the player


  • Exporting results as graphs, PDFs, PowerPoints (PPTX)

Product Applications

  • Checking to ensure that a specified level is not exceeded
  • Viewing measurements on the spot
  • Validating psychoacoustic analyses on the basis of external requirements
  • Conducting A/B comparisons to check what effect an action has

Product Benefits


  • No previous experience necessary for sound and vibration analysis
  • Easy to use: Clearly structured user interface
  • 12 standard analyses with simplified settings
  • Quick data review with suitable analysis settings configured by default




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