HAE-car - Automated Equalization- for Car Cabins

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HAE-car – Background noise playback and semi-automated equalization in the vehicle

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The software HAE-car allows the semi-automated equalization and enables automated playback of background noises in the vehicle cabin. Based on the equalization, it is possible to reproduce previously recorded noises in level and spectrum at an arbitrary location in the vehicle (e.g. DUT microphone). This allows precise reproduction of the sound field at this location.

For recording and playback of background noises, additional hardware components like labCORE (recording), labBGN (equalization, playback) as well as loudspeakers and a power amplifier are required. HAE-car operates interactively with these components as well as with the artificial head measurement systems HMS II.3, HMS II.3-LN, and HMS II.4.


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Product Overview

Background Noise 

Background noise testing matters, as it highly influences speech communication quality of vehicle hands-free terminals as well as quality of voice recognition systems in vehicles. In order to evaluate them adequately, ambient noise must be taken into account for testing. Systems for background noise simulation consist of hardware components for recording, equalization and playback as well as a main control software covering the functionalities.


  • HAE-car enables the equalized playback of binaurally or monaurally recorded background noise in the vehicle cabin
  • The software reproduces level and spectrum of noise at an arbitrary location in the vehicle
  • HAE-car is used to test the communication quality of e.g. hands-free terminals or to evaluate the performance of voice recognition system in the presence of background noise


Product Features

  • HAE-car supports semi-automated equalization of the whole system – in contrast to fully automated equalization with 3PASS flex, the latest-generation simulation software
  • The equalization can be performed using measurement microphone or binaural ear simulators of the artificial heads HMS II.3 / HMS II.3-LN / HMS II.4
  • Playback with other systems  (e.g. ACQUAVoCAS) can be sample-accurately synchronized via a trigger signal
  • The software works according to recommendations ITU-T P.1100 and P.1110 as well as to VDA specification for car hands-free terminals
  • HAE-car can be remote controlled via optional cable CUU I

Product Applications

  • Tests of the voice quality in the presence of background noise of communication devices in the vehicle like e.g.:
    • Hands-free terminals
    • Voice-control systems
    • In-car communication systems (ICC)


  • Evaluation of voice recognition performance in the presence of background noise in in-vehicle voice control systems


  • Precise sound field reproduction at the location of the device under test


  • Equalized playback of background noise in the vehicle cabin


  • Development, optimization and quality control of communication devices in the presence of background noise and reverberation


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