UCD-400 • DisplayPort 1.4a – HBR3 8K Generator & Analyzer

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UCD-400 • DisplayPort 1.4a – HBR3 8K Generator & Analyzer

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Type: DisplayPort

Device to test: Graphic Chipsets • Laptop • Monitor • Television • Transmitter

Use cases: AdaptiveSync Compliance Testing • DisplayID / EDID CTS Testing • DP HDCP 2.3 Compliance Testing • DP Link Layer Compliance Testing • R&D Debugging • Test Automation

Features: DisplayID / EDID • 4K • 8K • DSC • LTTPR


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Product Features

UCD-400 is an HBR3 capable 8K video generator and analyzer. With UCD-400 you can verify DisplayPort™ interfaces up to 8K@30 Hz (8K@60 Hz with DSC) and 4K@120 Hz video modes. The unit supports FEC, DSC, and LTTPR. UCD-400 is approved as an official DP 1.4a Link Layer compliance test tool including DSC and HDCP 2.3 CTS tests.


Comprehensive Compliance Test Tool

UCD-400 is a VESA Certified DP 1.4a Link Layer Compliance Test Tool for Sinks, Sources and Branches. UCD-400 is also a DCP LLC Approved Test Tool for HDCP 2.3 Compliance Testing of Transmitters, Receivers and Repeaters on the DisplayPort interface.

VESA requires Link Layer and HDCP testing as part of the DisplayPort testing requirement for certification. If a DisplayPort receiver or transmitter supports HDCP (as reported in the product CDF) it shall be tested as part of the certification requirements for obtaining the DisplayPort Logo. (Source: VESA)

Please refer to the DP CTS Tool Options for UCD-400 to get an overview of provided tests for DP 1.4a Link Layer, DSC and HDCP 2.3 Compliance Tests


Platform for Test Automation

UCD-400 supports test automation to be used in R&D debugging or validation, compliance tests or functional tests in the production environment.  

UCD-400 software package includes an SDK with a scripting and programming API. Unigraf’s Test System Interface (TSI) allows system integrators a fast and reliable way of implementing the functionality of the test.  TSI is very flexible. It can be used either for various kinds of video and audio tests or to automate a complete set of Compliance Tests. 


Unique Features

UCD Console GUI:

UCD Console is Unigraf’s common Graphical User Interface (GUI) for all UCD series products. UCD Console is available for Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems. 

UCD Console enables users to access all test features of the UCD-400. It provides users with a flexible way of navigating between its sink and source roles and functionalities of each role.  

Available functionalities include preview windows for captured video and audio, video and audio pattern generator, data logger for AUX and metadata content, link and DPCD register monitoring and control dialogs, EDID editor, HDCP status and control functions etc. 

UCD Console is delivered with ready-made test sets (e.g. content check-sum tests and Link Training tests) for testing DisplayPort Sinks and Sources. 


LTTPR (Link Training Tunable PHY Repeaters):


LTTPR is a feature that helps maintain signal integrity between DisplayPort Source and Sink by letting each repeater optimize the signal path with link training. UCD-400 is able to act as a DisplayPort source controlling the LTTPRs in the downstream signal path. LTTPR Test is a software addition for the UCD-400.


Display Stream Compression (DSC)

DSC feature is available as a software add-on to UCD-400. DSC feature includes both tools for encoding and decoding DSC content, which enables DSC CTS and related tests in DP Link Compliance Test tool.

DSC Decoder allows the user to preview DSC images on the UCD Console. DSC Encoder allows users to convert image bitmaps into DSC encoded custom patterns to be transmitted with the built-in pattern generator on the UCD Console.


UCD-411 • DisplayPort™ 1.4a - 8K & HBR3 Video Generator

Generate 8K

UCD-411 is a video generator unit for testing DisplayPort™ sinks up to 8K@60 Hz (with DSC), 8K@30 Hz and 4K@120 Hz video modes with HBR3 max bit rate capability. This device is perfect for users that only need a DisplayPort Reference Source version of the UCD-400.

UCD-411 is a Compliance Test Tool for testing DP 1.4a Link Layer on DP Sinks and HDCP 2.2 & 2.3 on DP Receivers. The unit supports FEC, DSC and LTTPR.



  • DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS Tool for Sinks

  • HDCP 2.2 & 2.3 CTS Tool for Receivers

  • 8K and 4K Reference DP Source

  • HBR3 output

  • MST support (4 Streams)

  • DSC, FEC and LTTPR support

  • USB-C output with supplied converter

  • HDCP 1.3, 2.2 and 2.3 support



  • VESA Certified DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS Test Tool

  • DCP Approved HDCP 2.3 CTS Tool

  • Up to 8K Reference Sink & Source

  • DP 1.4a / HBR3 input and output in one unit

  • Cable adapter for USB-C devices testing

  • MST support (4 streams)

  • DSC, FEC and LTTPR support

  • HDCP 1.3, 2.2 and 2.3 support


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