MSR BudgetLine Reusable PDF Data Loggers for Temperature and Humidity

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MSR BudgetLine Reusable PDF Data Loggers for Temperature and Humidity

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MSR63, MSR64, MSR83, MSR84, MSR86: Cost-effective climate data loggers for transport and warehouse monitoring

When transporting and storing goods such as pharmaceuticals or foodstuffs, it is imperative to maintain a specified, constant temperature. The data loggers of the MSR BudgetLine help here: they measure and document climate values seamlessly and in compliance with standards.


6-point-calibration certificate and software included

Recorded measured data of the MSR BudgetLine loggers can easily be transferred to a PC using the USB interface. When the data logger is stopped, a PDF report is automatically generated, which can be saved or printed for documentation purposes.The report includes a graphical view, a table of readings and a statistical view showing minimum, maximum, average values etc.


For temperature ranges from -100 °C up to +150 °C

The MSR BudgetLine data loggers are available in different versions – with or without display and with internal (MSR63, MSR83) or external temperature sensor (MSR86) or with an additional internal humidity sensor (MSR64, MSR84). MSR BudgetLine data loggers are DIN12830 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. They comply with EU regulations for the storage and transport of refrigerated and frozen foods as well as those of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


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Product Features

Product features MSR BudgetLine Data Loggers MSR63, MSR64, MSR83, MSR84, MSR86


  • Reusable PDF data logger for mass application
  • Internal temperature sensor, -30...+70 °C temperature range (MSR63, MSR83, MSR64, MSR84)
  • External temperature sensor, -100...+150 °C temperature range (MSR86)
  • Internal humidity sensor, 0...98 % rel. humidity range (-30...+70 °C) (MSR64, MSR84)
  • 6-point-calibration certificate stored on the logger
  • Available with or without display
  • Life of the battery approx. 1 year, battery replaceable
  • Clear status and alarm LEDs
  • Automatic PDF report generation of recorded measured data
  • Free MSR BudgetLine software to configure the data logger on the PC
  • Fast data transfer by USB interface and straight forward assessment on the PC


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