MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger

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MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger

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Shock data logger with 2 acceleration sensors  ±15 g and  ±200 g · temperature, humidity, air pressure and light sensors available - stores 2 million total readings. air cargo approved


Whether it be to verify questions of liability, detect damage early or to optimise packaging: The MSR175 data logger accurately records critical transport events such as shocks, jolts or fluctuations in temperature, pressure or humidity and provides clarity with objective measured data. 


Transportation monitoring, documentation of damage during transit

The two digital 3-axis acceleration sensors (± 15 g and ± 200 g) integrated in the MSR175 record shocks at a measurement frequency of up to 6400/s. The installed memory of the logger is capable of storing over 2 million measured values, which is sufficient for more than 1,000 shocks (V1 & V2, Li-Po battery 230 mAh) or for more than 700 shocks (V3 & V4, Li-SOCI2 battery 3.6 V, 7700 mAh). In addition, the transportation data logger measures and records temperature profiles from -20° to +65 °C. Further type variants of the MSR175 are available with internal humidity, air pressure and light sensors.


Easy to use: Start the logger, evaluate the data, save costs

The software package for the MSR175 includes 3 programs: MSR175 Dashboard, MSR ReportGenerator and MSR ShockViewer. The MSR Dashboard allows you to configure the logger with just a few mouse clicks. The data recorded can be quickly transferred to a computer via the USB port. A single click on the MSR ReportGenerator is sufficient to call up a compact report. For a detailed measured data analysis, the MSR ShockViewer, which is integrated in the MSR175 software package as a free basic version, is at your disposal.


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Product Features

  • High-speed shock logger with 2 internal acceleration sensors
  • 3 shock measurement modes: either ±200 g at 6400 Hz or ±200 g at 3200 Hz or ±15 g at 1600 Hz
  • 1 internal temperature sensor included; depending on the variant, 1 additional internal humidity, pressure and light sensor each; measurement frequency/storage rate every 10 min.
  • Installed memory is capable of storing over 2 million measured values
  • Setting of limit values
  • Rechargeable 230 mAh lithium-polymer battery, recording time of up to eight weeks, or replaceable Li-SOCIbattery, operating time at least 2 years
  • Coloured LED for status indication
  • MSR175 software package with Dashboard software for easy start-up of the data logger, MSR ReportGenerator for automatic report generation and MSR ShockViewer for detailed analysis of shock events


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