Phantom-Condition Monitoring System

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Phantom-Condition Monitoring System

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What is a Vibration Monitoring System?

A vibration monitoring system is a set of tools used to measure one or more parameters to identify machine health changes. Monitoring these parameters helps identifying early faults like imbalance, bearing faults, looseness, misalignment, and others. New Vibration Monitoring Systems using wireless transmission and long-life batteries are now replacing the industrial wired accelerometers all over the world.

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Product Overview

Phantom™ is a Wireless Vibration Monitoring System that integrates other parameters such as temperature, current, speed, and general purpose values such as pressure, flow, and tank level into a single diagnosis system. Additionally, our sensors have an exceptional battery life of up to 100,000 measurements, and they are very easy to install. Equally important, Phantom™ can send data to a local database or to our cloud-based system, EI-Analytic™. At any moment, you can track your machinery condition using any device such as a smartphone, computer, or a tablet.

Product Features

Phantom™ technology is the most reliable online wireless machine health monitoring system on the market, providing distance ranges of up to 100 meters in line-of-sight. One of our clients even stated: “Phantom is the magic unicorn system we’ve been looking for.” Also, our vibration monitoring system uses ultra-low power BLE 5.0 technology. Therefore, our wireless sensors can achieve  up to 100,000 measurements without the need to change the battery.



Sometimes it is just too difficult to place sensors and wires all the way from a machine to a control room. Wireless sensors can be placed anywhere within the range. 


Low Cost

If you have a PDA or a cellular phone, you easily understnad why going wireless is much more cost-effective than wires. Cabling long distances can be quite expensive compared to wireless sensors. 



Certain places on machines are simply not accesible with wires. Wireless Sensors might be a solution for that. 



The signal from the Phantom is encrypted, which ensures your information reliability and data security. 

Product Benefits

Why is Vibration Monitoring Important?

Phantom™ Vibration Monitoring Systems will help you to predict machine failures and save huge costs due to unscheduled production down times. For example, the following list is the most common failures that can be identified with our condition monitoring system:

  • Bearing Failure Stage I, II, III, and IV

  • Imbalance

  • Shaft and Bearing Wear

  • Mechanical Looseness

  • Misalignment

  • Electrical noise

  • Resonance

  • Among others…



Vibration Monitoring System Easy to Install

Wireless Technology in Vibration Monitoring has been developed in response to unmet needs of simplicity, for installation as well as industrial cabling requirements. With this in mind, our wireless sensors are very easy to install.

  1. Adhere the base to your machine

  2. Screw Phantom Wireless Sensor to the base

  3. Configure the software. It is as easy as that!

Finally, the connection of the sensors to the Gateway will be done automatically and securely without intervention.




Modbus Universal Communication

Phantom™ Wireless Sensors now include Modbus TCP/IP which is a widely known and used universal communication protocol for industrial control applications. Thus, making them compatible with any PLC, Scada system or any other Modbus TCP/IP communicating software.


  • Scada systems for control automation

  • PLC for machinery control and protection

  • ERP software such as SAP

  • Integration with self-designed applications with free APIs

  • Connecting wireless sensors 




Vibration Monitoring System Powered by our Gateway 2.0

The new Phantom Gateway 2.0 will give you full control of your analysis system in one easy to use place. It evolves the way you monitor the condition of your machines with its new features, centralizing all the information you need in a single administration panel.

Features include:

  • Simultaneous collections from multiple sensors
  • Compatibility with MQTT, Modbus TCP/IP and OPC
  • Online monitoring with internet connection
  • Administration for 100+ nodes per unit
  • 10,000 signal back up






Vibration Monitoring Online Cloud | EI-Analytic™

Finally, meet our cloud-based database EI-Analytic™ service for Phantom™ Vibration Monitoring System. It provides simple accessibility through a web-browser or mobile app. Additionally, our cloud allows direct connections from the DigivibeMX® software for data management, just as if the database was locally hosted.




No Software Costs

Moreover, our Vibration Monitoring System includes the powerful vibration analysis software DigivibeMX® Phantom™ without any limitation. In summary, with DigivibeMX®, you can perform a deep analysis on each spectrum and signal, as well as identify the tendency of vibrations.