WiSER Vibe Pro-Vibration Analysis App

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WiSER Vibe Pro-Vibration Analysis App

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Vibration Analysis App is a fine tool to monitor and diagnose rotating machinery and implement a predictive maintenance plan. To avoid failures on our machinery it is necessary to have all the tools to make a good analysis, for this it is essential to have the proper equipment.

With the Erbessd Instruments newest App, WiSER Vibe Pro, you will have everything on your hand to safeguarding your machine’s health,  Time-based waveforms, FFT, Circular Time Waveform, Orbits Analysis, Routes based recordings, and more…

Avoid unexpected production shutdowns with a negative economic impact, increase the life span of your equipment, detects all type of anomalies on your machinery, and more, all with a practice and portable tool, start using this new Vibration Analysis App and take good care of your machines well-being. 


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Product Overview

The best Vibration Analyzer on your hand

The Vibration Analysis have never been so portable, with WiSER Vibe Pro you will have the best features and tools on your hand. 

Identify, predict, and prevent failures in rotating machinery. You can detect Mechanical Looseness, Eccentricity, Resonance, Natural Frequencies, Electrical Noise, Gear Fault, Belt Issues, Damaged Shaft, And More…


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Anytime, Anywhere… Analyze your data

With WiSER Vibe Pro you will have the ability to access your data wherever you are, connect to our cloud service, EI-Analytic, and analyze all your vibration data. This new vibration analysis app, allows you to upload data directly in to your cloud database.




Route and off-route data Collection

With this Vibration Analysis App, you will be able to track your machines’ vibration very easily and fast with the route based data collection.

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A Vibration Analysis App with many Options

WiSER Vibe Pro is able to connect with any of our well-know wireless triaxial accelerometers. Choose the Bluetooth option to connect to your phantom vibration sensors and record data, or use the Wi-Fi option to connect to your WiSER 3x and make measurement with more than 1 million resolution lines. 

Also, you can connect to the Erbessd Instruments newest wireless triaxial accelerometer, the WiSER 3x Mini,  start your real time measuring with this compact and practical device.

With this new Vibration Analysis App, you choose how to record your data, pick your device and start taking data.




The Best Vibration Analysis Tools on the same app

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Analyze your Bearings 

Our Vibration Analysis App includes a database of more than 25,000 bearings, you are able to identify the particular fault frequencies for each one of them.

Some specific frequencies are directly related to the geometry of the rolling elements. These frequencies need to be continuously monitored to prevent possible premature failures in order to avoid unscheduled downtime.




Multiplatform Vibration Analysis 

All in just one place. Tablet, Laptop, or Mobile… You choose the platform.

Connect WiSER Vibe Pro to DigivibeMX with a QR code, or load in to your cloud database with your EI-Analytic account on any device. 

With our Vibration Analysis App, is your choice how to analyze your data. 



Product Features

  • Portable

    Analyze your data with your mobile

  • Wireless

    Connect with the Erbessd Instruments Wireless Accelerometers WiSER 3x & WiSER 3x Mini

  • Compatible

    WiSER vibe pro is able to connect to our phantom bluetooth devices

  • Versatile

    Collect data on & off route

  • Complete

    Analyze your data with the best tools like TWF, FFT, Orbits, and more . . .


New Features Availabe Now! 

  • Machine Learning functions: Let our softwares learn about your machines and create an intelligent alarm system, exclusively for you.
  • Bode analysis: Realize Bode analysis in real time or from a stored signal recorded
  • Envelope Alarms: Visualize envelope alarms from your cellphone.
  • Balancing in 1 plane: Easly perform a balancing process using influence coefficients.
  • Synchronus Averages: Save time and precision with this exlusive WiSER Vibe Pro function.
  • IR Thermal Camera integration: Watch the images from your Thermal Camera Phantom in real time or by scheduled collections.
  • Task Manager: Personalize your notifications depending on your requierements.
  • Improved navigation: Visualize your data between local files and EI-Analytic with ease.
  • Share options: Save your data to your mobile device or share it using Whatsapp!