labCORE - Modular hardware platform for tests of voice and audio quality

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labCORE - Modular hardware platform for tests of voice and audio quality

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labCORE is the modular hardware platform for high-precision voice and audio quality testing and tailored for the use with the measurement and analysis software ACQUA. Multi-channel capability, high-end inputs and outputs, programmable interfaces: labCORE provides numerous features in a single unit. Users can adapt the hardware platform exactly to individual test scenarios and flexibly expand it at any time as required. This modularity makes labCORE future-proof: It is possible to add new technologies quickly and easily through optional hardware or software extensions.


Whether mobile phones, headphones, IoT devices like smart speakers or in-vehicle hands-free devices and ICC systems: the versatile hardware platform labCORE is the all-in-one solution for testing voice and audio quality for the highest demands.


Versatile extensions for labCORE include among others:

  • High-precision, low distortion and low noise analog inputs and outputs
  • Microphone inputs
  • VoIP interfaces and codecs
  • Power amplifiers
  • Bluetooth® functionality
  • A2B® extension


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Product Overview



  • labCORE provides up to 32 channels at 48 kHz or up to 8 channels at 192 kHz sampling rate
  • The hardware platform can be configured as required for individual test scenarios
  • Based on its modular technology, new technologies can be added to labCORE quickly and easily

Product Features

  • The basic unit of the hardware platform is equipped with common interfaces for measuring audio and communication devices, e.g.:
    • Two analog BNC input and two analog BNC output sockets
    • One USB audio host (type C) port at the front for audio measurements of e.g. USB headsets and headphones
    • One USB type B port for connection of the ACQUA PC
    • Two USB type A ports
    • One headphone output (6.3 mm socket) for measuring and monitoring purposes
    • Two BNC sockets as general purpose input/output (GPIO), that serve as a digital audio interface (e.g. programmable as I2S (Inter-IC Sound))
    • RJ45 Ethernet sockets to connect VoIP applications (e.g. VoIP phones, SIP server, radio tester)
    • Two AES inputs/outputs
    • One ADAT interface (TOSLINK socket)
    • One HEADlink socket (LEMO 8-pin) for connecting HEAD acoustics devices like MSA I or MSA II


  • The functionality of labCORE can be expanded by various hardware and software extensions (e.g. power amplifier, microphone inputs, high-performance and low-noise inputs/outputs, binaural equalization, VoIP extensions, Bluetooth® capability, A2B® extension)


  • The hardware platform is tailored for use with the measurement and analysis software ACQUA


  • At least one of the following software applications is required to control labCORE: ACQUA, RC-labCORE or VoCAS

Product Applications

  • Testing voice quality and audio quality of telecommunication equipment like e.g.:
    • Mobile phones and handsets
    • VoIP devices
    • (In-vehicle) Hands-free systems
    • (ANC) Headphones, headsets and hearing aids
    • Smart speaker and other voice-operated IoT devices

  • Measuring loudspeakers and high-quality audio devices

  • Testing transmission systems for instance networks and routers

  • Research and development (R&D)

  • Conformance tests

  • Quality control


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