VoCAS - Voice Control Analysis System

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VoCAS - Voice Control Analysis System


VoCAS - Voice Control Analysis System

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Voice recognition systems are already part of numerous applications including voice-operated IoT devices like smart speaker, multimedia systems in vehicles, mobile phones, and tablets. The software VoCAS (Voice Control Analysis System) evaluates these devices realistically and objectively in complex scenarios. VoCAS takes into account crucial factors like acoustic environment, background noise, different talkers as well as different languages or accents, which significantly influence the performance of voice recognition systems.

By means of reproducible test sequences adapted to individual applications, manufacturers receive important information to optimize their voice recognition systems.

  • VoCAS is capable of testing voice recognition systems under realistic and reproducible conditions
  • The software enables complex test scenarios with multiple talkers, background noise, and the acoustic environment
  • VoCAS is perfectly suited for benchmarking of different voice recognition systems

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