BHM III.2 - Binaural HEAD Microphone

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BHM III.2 - Binaural HEAD Microphone


BHM III.2 - Binaural HEAD Microphone

Head Acoustics
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The binaural head microphone BHM III.2 is a recording system designed for making binaural measurements in places where no artificial head can be used, e.g. for recordings at the driver's position in a moving vehicle.

The BHM supports all characteristics of human hearing perception. It is calibratable and has low inherent noise. The headset is worn by the user who himself assumes the acoustic function of the artificial head. A defined acoustics impedance closes the ear canal entrance and the sound is transmitted via small tubes to the highly sensitive condenser measurement microphones, which are placed in special packaging outside the ears.


- Binaural measurements without artificial head

- Special measurement tasks

- Measurements at the driver's position of a vehicle

- For environmental protection and occupational safety


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