SQobold – Mobile 4-channel Recording and Playback System

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SQobold – Mobile 4-channel Recording and Playback System


SQobold – Mobile 4-channel Recording and Playback System

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SQobold is our trend-setting 4-channel-measuring system for mobile data acquisition including sound level meter functions and psychoacoustic analyses. The large, brilliant touchscreen provides the ultimate in ease of use – either as a stand-alone or front-end device.

With up to six hours of stand-alone operation, its compact size of 14.3 cm (5.6“) and a weight of just 485 g (1.1lb), SQobold can go wherever your measurements take you. Thanks to the integrated GPS receiver, SQobold records not only the precise time but also the location of your measurements.

Fit your needs – customize SQobold with feature packages for your application

A sound level meter and more
Increase your sound level meter functionality with the Advanced Level Meter option. A key feature is the possibility to calculate psychoacoustic analyses such as loudness and sharpness according to DIN 45631/A1 and DIN 45692, respectively.

Check your recordings immediately
With the FFT-Online-Analysis option, perform your analyses on-site. In addition to FFT analyses, level vs.time, third octave, and more FFT-based online-analyses are possible: Conduct psychoacoustic analyses such as loudness vs. time, sharpness vs. time or specific loudness!

See where you were
Experience your measurements not only acoustically but also visually. With the video option, record your measurement situation and document it with a video or photos.


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