HSU III - HEAD-Shoulder-Unit

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HSU III - HEAD-Shoulder-Unit


HSU III - HEAD-Shoulder-Unit

Head Acoustics
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The HEAD-Shoulder-Unit HSU III is an artificial head microphone for binaural recordings.

It is used in the same way as conventional measurement microphones and can be connected to all front ends via conventional measurement inputs.

Power supply of the artificial head microphone takes place via the binaural equalizer BEQ II.1 or the HEADlab module labM6. The head and shoulder unit is an accurate simulation of all acoustically relevant components of the human outer ear. HSU III enables an aurally-accurate, binaural recording of sound incidents, in which all the characteristics of human aural perception, especially spatial hearing, is supported. This is required for an accurate auditory impression at playback.


- Binaural measurements

- Sound quality research and product optimization

- Sound Diagnosis

- Sound Design


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