Elektro Automatik

EA Elektro-Automatik offers an especially large product spectrum for laboratory, industry and training. EA applications are equipped with optimal energy utilisation and an above average efficiency. Development, innovation and reliability are key drivers at EA. Our power supplies are at, or better than, the latest technological level. All EMV and safety checks are carried out in-house. Personal contact, rapid response and consequent implementation of individual customer wishes and demands, are key features of our company. What just started as an idea, is tomorrow a plan, and the day after a reality. With more than 250 staff in Viersen (Lower Rhine) and at our branch in China we produce and dispatch customised products to the whole world.

Programmable DC Laboratory Power Supplies


In the DC source chapter there is a large variety of economy-, medium-grade and high-end laboratory power supplies on display, in desk-top or 19”-rack format for all typical applications found in electronic and industrial engineering, research and development, testing and automation. Furthermore, there are heavy-duty power supplies for e.g. electro-chemical processing, component testing and other kind of high-power consumer.

Types of Programmable DC Laboratory Power Supplies

  • DC Laboratory Power Supplies
  • Bidirectional DC-Laboratory Power Supplies
  • High Voltage power supplies 2000 W

Programmable DC Electronic Loads (Conventional and Regenerative)

In the programmable DC electronic load chapter, you will find a large variety of economy-, medium-grade and high-end electronic loads on display, conventional technology e-loads as well as our regenerative, environmental-friendly („green“) e-loads), in desk-top or 19”-rack format, for all typical applications found in electronic and industrial engineering, R&D, testing and automation.

Systems and Power Racks


In this area of DC Industrial Power Supplies you will find a large selection of stand-alone and wall-mount/built-in power supplies, as well as our standardised and custom- configurable power-rack system.

Why choose Elektro Automatik Programmable DC Laboratory Power Supplies?

  • Wide choice of voltages, current and powers
  • Flexible output stage
  • High efficiency of up to 93%
  • USB and analog interface integrated
  • Ethernet interface integrated (PS)
  • PlugPlay slot for digital interfaces (PSI)
  • Intuitive handling due to multi-language colour TFT touch panel
  • All interfaces galvanically isolated
  • Clear blue LCD display (PS 9000 1U)
  • Remote control software (Windows)
  • Extensive function generator (PSI)
  • LabVIEW VI package
  • Simulation of an internal resistance (PSI)
  • IVI driver package (PSI)
  • For photovoltaics, battery and fuel cell tests (PSI)
  • SCPI Modbus protocol
  • Master-slave feature (PSI)
  • 40V models according to SELV
  • Protective features (OVP, OCP, OT…)
  • 19″ enclosures in 1U or 2U