UCD-424 • USB-C DP Alt Mode 8K Generator & Analyzer

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UCD-424 • USB-C DP Alt Mode 8K Generator & Analyzer

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Type: DisplayPort • USB-C

Device to test: Laptop • Monitor • Smartphone • Tablet • Television • Transmitter • VR Glasses

Use cases: AdaptiveSync Compliance Testing • DisplayID / EDID CTS Testing • DP HDCP 2.3 Compliance Testing • DP Link Layer Compliance Testing • R&D Debugging • Test Automation

Features: DisplayID / EDID • 4K • 8K • DSC • LTTPR



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Product Features

UCD-424 is an 8K Reference Sink, Source, and Branch for verifying DisplayPort™ Alt Mode over USB-C up to 8K@30 Hz (8K@60 Hz with DSC) and 4K@120 Hz video modes with HBR3 max bit rate capability. It features USB-C v1.3 input and output with Power Delivery 3.0. The unit also supports MST (4 streams), Forward Error Correction (FEC), Display Stream Compression (DSC), and Link-Training Tunable PHY Repeater (LTTPR). UCD-424 also supports DP 1.4a Link Layer, DSC, and HDCP 2.3 compliance testing.


Reliable Compliance Testing Tool

DisplayPort 1.4a Link Layer Compliance Testing

Just like any other DisplayPort device, devices with USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode capability need to be tested for DisplayPort compliance. UCD-424 supports DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS including DSC testing on Sinks, Sources and Branches. DSC Certification from VESA on the Link Layer CTS tests for UCD-424 is pending. DSC Encoder and Decoder is a separate license required for DSC CTS in DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS.


HDCP 2.3 Compliance Testing

VESA requires HDCP testing as part of the DisplayPort testing requirement for certification. If a DisplayPort receiver or transmitter supports HDCP (as reported in the product CDF) it shall be tested as part of the certification requirements for obtaining the DisplayPort Logo. (Source: VESA)

UCD-424 supports HDCP 2.3 compliance testing on USB-C DP Alt Mode Transmitters, Receivers and Repeaters. The official approval of HDCP 2.3 CTS testing for UCD-424 from DCP is pending.


Unique Features

DisplayPort Entry From Any Role

UCD-424 can enter to DP Alt Mode with any DP Alt Mode partner. Enter DP Alt Mode from any state and controls to swap roles is possible.


UCD Console GUI:

The UCD Console GUI is the dedicated software that enables users to access the test features of the UCD-424 and is supported for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The software provides the user with a flexible way of navigating between the interface based roles of the device and functionalities of each role. The UCD Console features a preview window for the received video and audio, while also monitoring the controls of the link parameters and built-in pattern generator in UCD-424. Users can also have access to an EDID editor and control of the HDCP function.


LTTPR (Link Training Tunable PHY Repeaters):

LTTPR is a feature that helps maintain signal integrity between DisplayPort Source and Sink by letting each repeater optimize the signal path with link training. UCD-424 is able to act as a DisplayPort source controlling the LTTPRs in the downstream signal path. LTTPR Test is a software addition for the UCD-424. 



  • 8K and 4K Reference Sink & Source

  • DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS for Sinks & Sources

  • HDCP 2.3 CTS for Transmitters & Receivers

  • DP 1.4a Features:

    • Up to HBR3 simultaneous input and output in one unit

    • DSC Sink & Source with off-line encoding and decoding

    • FEC and LTTPR support

    • MST support (4 streams)

  • USB-C v1.3 with Power Delivery 3.0

    • DP Alt Mode

    • Capable to Sink & Source 9V@3A

    • PD Role swaps supported

  • USB3.2Gen2 (10Gbit/s) bypass between test interfaces

  • HDCP 1.3 and HDCP 2.3 support


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