Updated eUICC-Related Test Bench Release for Connectivity Test Center

Updated eUICC-Related Test Bench Release for Connectivity Test Center

Updates for Connectivity Test Center R3.2 are available for the following test bench:

  • GSMA SGP.11 v3.2 Off-card Interfaces Test Bench R1.3

This test bench now provides a strict validation of all SOAP service messages against the schema defined by the GSMA.


For more details about applied changes, please refer to the release notes.

You are entitled to receive the new releases if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Your COMPRION product is still in the first year after purchase and is therefore still within its warranty period.
  • You have a valid service and maintenance agreement for your COMPRION product and corresponding test benches.

If you have a product that is outside these categories and would like to access the new release, or have a question regarding your status, please contact us. Please note that additional modules need to be licensed separately.

You can download the software, including the release notes, from the support area of our website www.comprion.com. Your password-protected support area provides you with automatic license file generation, as well as new information features regarding your COMPRION product.

Please read the installation instructions before installing the software.

Email:  support@comprion.com
Web:    www.comprion.com

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