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DigivibeMX the Worlds Best ROI for Vibration, Balancing, & Online Monitoring

15 Dec 2020

There is a myriad of reasons why DigivibeMX has the highest ROI in the industry:

  • Lowest Cost of Entry

  • Advanced Features Included like ODS, Cross Channel Phase, 2 Plane Balancing & much More

  • Wireless Sensor Integration with WiSER 3X and Phantom Online Machine Health Surveillance Sensors

  • Open SQL Database (No proprietary database)

  • Mobile App Integration with WiSER Vibe, WiSER Balance, and Phantom Manager

  • Modbus Integration

How to perform ODS with DigivibeMX

Unlike other systems that require you to purchase additional software or added features DigivibeMX includes Operational Deflection Shape Capabilities at NO ADDITIONAL COST!!!


Wireless Sensor Security...Critically Important

COVID has changed the way businesses operate. Social distancing and health and safety requirements for manufacturing organizations as well as utilities and others have become more stringent to insure the safety of staff and customers. This has in many cases required less staff onsite, and much more remote work. Learn more about wireless sensor security and why it is vitally important to your organization.


The Phantom Wireless EcoSystem - Learn SCADA Integration


The Phantom Wireless EcoSystem - Learn Modbus Integration